Community Solar on State

Community Solar on State

Community Solar on State (CSOS) was a series of innovative workshop events (figure 1) designed by faculty and partners of the Pennsylvania State University to facilitate the development of a community solar project within a region hindered by restrictive policy. Taking place between August 2014 and March 2015, the Community Solar on State workshops advanced social capital within a network of six distinct communities (figure 2).

Figure 1. Group discussion at a Community Solar on State workshop



Detailed outlines of the CSOS events and planning sessions are available in this section. Results from the events were recorded and are presented as well.


CSOS was intimately connected to the development of impressive projects originally restrained by many obstacles. The projects' relationship to CSOS is paving the way towards a new model for developing community solar. 


Figure 2. Communities gathered for the Community Solar on State outreach event