Community Solar on State

Workshop 3 - Agenda

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 16:29 -- mxw142

Welcome/Introduction: Jeffrey Brownson

1.Opening     Exercises

  • Open with context questions

2. Review Workshop #1 and #2 results.

  •   Review project Purpose
  • Review Principles and for delivering value-adding processes (VAPs) to key stakeholder groups
  • Review targeted outcomes relative to five key subsystems

3. Align around Partnering Concept Framework diagram for CSOS Pilot project

  • Review outputs from bridging event
  •  Present Concept framework (from core team) for Pilot project Group discussion: Can this be altered to better achieve the Project Purpose?  

4. Develop Partnering Concept for CSOS Pilot project - Align around Off-taker and project site

  • Presentation: Why with PSU campus is likely best fit as site and OPP is likely best fit as Off-taker
  • Break-out Session #1: Identify how PSU campus-site and perhaps OPP as Off-taker (or other options) can serve to deliver VAPs to five stakeholder groups


5.Break – Pinup results of Breakout #1

6. Group discussion of results from Breakout #1

7. Design RFP process for selecting the Pilot project Developer

  •  Break-out Session #2: five groups, each focused on one of the following:
  •  Identify selection criteria (and constraints) for Pilot Developer
  • Identify potential Pilot Developers and outline timeline for selection process
  • Create Pilot RFP content outline (template) and process
  • How to incorporate delivering VAPs into a project-specific place-sourced RFP  
  • Explore means or structure for creating/tracking RECs for purchase fr/ public  

8. Lunch – Pinup results of Breakout #2

9. Group discussion of results from Breakout #2

  • Means of integrating results into first draft iteration of RFP
  • Develop arc of process (next steps) for creating Pilot RFP (Who, How, When)
  • Discuss options/advantages for other entities to serve as issuer of RFP to contact with Developer (perhaps a municipal entity, e.g., College Township)
  • Discuss any significant risks and opportunities associated with entering contract with Developer

10. Break    

11. Develop Community Entity (CE) to initiate future “Community Solar Cooperative”

  •  Breakout Session #3: five groups

Three groups focused on the following:  

  •   Identify roles/responsibilities of community-sourced participation – “Community Solar Cooperative” for Pilot and future projects  
  • Outline mechanism for managing feedback and future development  
  • Develop draft outline of future project “Tool Box” content (template RFP, draft land lease, draft Power Purchase agreement, etc.)  

Two groups – each focused on one of the following:  

  • Explore framework ideas (website?) for tracking development process and outcomes  
  • Identify means for developing Investors:  Clarify how community can access & accrue value from/invest in PV power (e.g., buy RECs) to finance the project  

12. Pinup and group discussion of results from Breakout #3

  •   Integrate results into broad roles of CE
  • Develop process for creating Pilot CE (Who, How, When)
  • Solicit volunteers willing to serve as community leaders as initial “Community Solar Cooperative” members

13. Discuss Next Steps

  •   Develop arc of project schedule with key milestones and identify primary roles/responsibilities

14. Reflections

15. Adjourn