Community Solar on State

Core Meeting - Output

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 12:14 -- mxw142

Outcomes of the Meeting

Develop principles for value added project:

 “Come align around defining the purpose of this project.”

Note: We are running a little behind on tome so we will have to have am phone call later where we define the outcomes…

Project Function Statement:  

To develop a community-created place-sourced photovoltaic generated utility source.”

Revised to…

“To develop a community-created PV-generated energy source in Happy Valley.”

  1. Integrate Town-Gown collaborative participation and co-collaboration.
  2. Discover and support the best and most effective locations for PV components.
  3. Develop and support community and University champions and advocates indefinitely.
  4. Develop nurturing (love-based not fear-based) decision making strategies.


  • Who needs to be present and who do we invite?  The people who can make this happen and people who can make this stop.
  • State College public works (director/manager)
  • College Township public works (director/manager)
  • PSU VP of finance (or representative)
  • Solar on State core team (us)
  • PSU Sustainability Institute (David Riley and Denise W.)
  • Solar Campus Initiative (Chrei Olf?)
  • Community Energy Inc. representative
  • First Energy (West Penn Power) representative
  • Local Banks
  • Local municipality representatives (elected officials)
  • PSU office of investment (Dave Brannigan)
  • Community barriers (Joanne Swart?, David Stone, Mike Rebacki, Katherine Watt)
  • Community supporters
  • Student groups
  1. Sustainability Advisory Council
  2. Sustainability Institute interns
  3. Community and Economic Development
  • PSU attorney(s)
  • PSU alumni association representatives
  • Local school district
  • Business community (real estate, installation firms)

Next Steps:

The following items need to be finalized.

  1. What is the right number of people for the workshop?       Invite 100 expecting 60 to attend
  2. Where should the workshop be held?                                Local school – Park Forest Elementary
  3. When should the workshop take place?                             Late August? – Hopefully a late August workshop will allow most interested people a chance to attend.
  4. Identify ALL attendees.  Jeffrey will set up a Google Doc for us to populate with names, contact information, why, and entity.  The list should be vetted by Jeffrey and Rob.
  5. We need more calls to establish our intended public workshop outcomes and the public workshop process (agenda)
  6. Develop invitation from the value added processes.


  • Anxiety level continues to increase – the project is getting bigger and bigger.
  • The procurement process at PSU is very complicated and we have a lot of unknowns.
  • We are gathering of the right people to move this project forward. We obviously have the intent and guidance that moves beyond merely splattering paint and hoping for the best.
  • A thought from his yoga instructor… let go of control and your body will do what it needs to do.
  • If the project moves off campus, he cannot fulfill his job responsibility of reducing PSUs carbon footprint.

Revised Purpose Statement

To develop a community-created PV-generated energy source in Happy Valley,

In a way that deeply values the role of all stakeholders in a collaborative transparent co-creative process,

So that all of the stakeholders enthusiastically participate in enriching and improving the unique quality of life in this particular community indefinitely.