Community Solar on State

Workshop 1 - Agenda

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 10:10 -- mxw142

1.Opening exercises and questions

  • Open with Context Questions
    • Experience aligning around Purpose - Review Workshop Purpose & discussion
  • Reflections


2.Project Distinctivenes

  • Break-out groups to identify what we really care about in our community & work with CSOS
    • Identify place-sourced potential – what is unique and special about this place?
  • Group discussion
  • Identify how the potential of CSOS is distinct from and related to other similar efforts

3. Explore Potential . . . and the difference between solving problems and shifting to realizing potential

  • Image: what single greatest affect do I want to make manifest through this project?
  • What are the risks (resisting forces)?
  • Identify reconciling forces


4.  Introduce Key Stakeholders Framework (pentad) and Value-Adding Processes (VAPs)

  • Large group reflections on and alignment around sets of core stakeholders
  • Introduce Living System framework (pentad)
  • Assign Break-out group work (to identify first iteration of VAPs for core stakeholders)


5. Identify Key Stakeholders and potential value-adding processes (VAPs)

  • Break-out group work to identify first iteration of 1 or 2 VAPs for five sets of core stakeholders
    • Work on VAPs that benefit each – each group focus on one sets of stakeholders
  • Large group reflections: alignment around VAPs for core stakeholder groups


6. Develop and align around Principles

  • Reconfigured break-out groups work on 1 or 2 Principles for delivering VAPs
    • Each group focus on one stakeholder group but balancing synergies with other four
  • Large group reflections on and alignment around Principles


7. Develop first iteration of Project Purpose

  • Break-out group work on Purpose Statement – Function, Being, Will
  • Identify key aspects from first iteration of project Purpose with large group


8. Discuss next steps

  • Develop arc of project schedule with key milestones
  • Identify primary roles and responsibilities


9. Reflections

10. Adjourn