Community Solar on State


Welcome to Community Solar on State, the foundation for community solar/shared solar research, learning, and engagement based out of the Pennsylvania State University.

Photo credit: Kelly Pickerel, Solar Power World (2018).

The challenge to implement solar is not due to a lack of sunshine. In contrast to popular assumptions for Pennsylvania, our local solar resource data shows that there is abundant sunshine in our region for successful PV systems (SURFRAD, one of seven leading solar monitoring sites in the nation is at Penn State). At Penn State, we have an annual solar resource budget between that of Rome, Italy and of Bordeaux, France (around 1450 kWh per kWp installed PV per year). However, communication of this discrepancy between perception and reality requires the installed system to engage in, and the financial ability to implement and grow PV arrays in a sustainable fashion both require a robust platform for education and outreach that will mesh in integrative fashion with the development and deployment of PV systems at the UP campus.